Passive House

September 27, 2013   |   Platinum Builders
What is Passive House?

According to the Passive House Institute US, “the Passive House concept represents today's highest energy standard with the promise of slashing the heating energy consumption of buildings by an amazing 90%.” The building sector is widely regarded as a primary source of climate-changing pollutants and our buildings represent the largest demand for energy in our country – 76% of all electricity generated by U.S. power plants goes to supply the Building Sector (Architecture2030).

Passive House aims to combat global climate change and reduce energy consumption through knowledge based design. The underlying principle that differentiates this design concept from others is the amplified use of natural resources and free solar energy (instead of “active” systems) in the goal of reaching zero-net energy. A “Passive House” is virtually air tight, extremely well insulated, and heated almost exclusively by the sun. “Over the last 10 years more than 15,000 buildings in Europe - from single and multifamily residences, to schools, factories and office buildings - have been designed and built or remodeled to the passive house standard.” As domestic interest in Passive House grows, we look at countries like Germany as an example.