Cities Alive Presents the 11th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference

October 17, 2013   |   Platinum Builders

The 11th annual Green Roof and Wall Conference will be held October 23 – October 25 at the Marquis Marriot in downtown San Francisco. 

The 2013 Theme: Securing Urban Resiliency with Living Architecture – Food – Water – Energy.

People in every urban region need access to clean water, secure energy and food. It’s the ability of resilient communities to deal with adversity - be it manmade actions or natural disasters - and bounce back quickly to provide these key needs to the local population.

How do our cities build resilience? 

  • Resilient communities take new approaches to design and planning, approaches that are inherently cross- and multi-disciplinary, integrative in their nature and target the maximized use and reuse of resources.
  • Resilient communities adopt longer term, systems-based approaches to infrastructure planning and development; where others see waste, they see opportunity.
  • Resilient communities are innovative places that adapt to change, adopt new technologies and governance, spawn and embrace new business models.
  • Resilient communities use public purchasing power to build for current and future generations.
  • Resilient communities are better places in invest in the long term, both personally and professionally.

Why Green Roofs and Walls?

Extreme weather events are costing billions of dollars and are likely here to stay. At CitiesAlive® San Francisco, we invite you to explore the many links between the roofs and walls of our cities and the critical social, environmental and economic necessities of urban life that lead to urban resilience. 


Develop new business opportunities along the West Coast - from LA to Vancouver, from Portland to the San Francisco Bay area - and across North America.

From launching the 60’s counterculture, to spawning the likes of Apple, Ebay and Netflix, to leading the continent in alternative power technology implementation, the state of California and the San Francisco / Bay area have consistently demonstrated the ability to lead, and create thought and action leaders who have built a legacy of social, economic and ecological innovation. California recently adopted the greenest building code in the USA.

San Francisco is home to iconic living architecture projects including the California Academy of Sciences green roof in Golden Gate Park. Living architecture activity is rapidly scaling up across the region.

With the current San Francisco administration taking a particular focus on urban agriculture and biodiversity, there’s never been a better time to bring the CitiesAlive® Green Roof & Wall Conference to one of America’s most exciting and diverse cities!

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